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Used, Clean S9 VPAP S BiPAP BiLevel

Sale price $219.99 Regular price $720.00

This equipment is sanitized, clean, and previously used.

Hours of usage on the devices may vary

Compliance and usage reports

These devices have compliance information that can be read from the removable SD card on the device. There is NO wireless modem option for this equipment.

We can read the SD cards and produce PDF compliance and usage data reports from your equipment.


We will replace any defective or non-functioning devices within one year of the purchase date. We will refund the purchase price in the event we can no longer replace the device with a matching device.

Resmed S9 VPAP S

The S9 VPAP S is designed to deliver effective and comfortable bilevel therapy to a wide range of patients, including those who are unable to tolerate standard CPAP therapy.
Incorporating the stylish design and sophisticated comfort features of the award-winning S9™ platform, VPAP bilevel devices help your patients comfortably transition to therapy so they can experience the benefits of a restful sleep night after night.