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Lithium-ion CPAP Battery 12v 97wh Respironics Dreamstation models

Sale price $300.00 Regular price $350.00

This CPAP battery is to be used in temporary scenarios, i.e. Camping, overnights without power, deployments, temp duty, etc... We do not recommend this for use with a humidifier turned on. The humidifier will severely lessen the amount of time this battery will run within the night. This battery is meant for one nights use between charges. The charge time will vary between 4-6 hours in length. This must be charged via an A/C outlet. It can be charged by a DC cigarette style female outlet if a power inverter is used to allow the A/C style plug to charge the CPAP Battery. Please call us for an questions or concerns before purchasing. Most devices require a special manufacturers cord in-between the battery and the CPAP/Sleep therapy device. You can choose this option before purchasing the unit. Some batteries will be in a black color case and some in a white color case.